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Deeply Ingrained, Inc. is committed to providing youth and underserved individuals woodworking opportunities that develop creativity, learning, and skill-building. Each month we produce and distribute a unique woodworking project in our community at no charge. Public distribution of these projects takes place at several locations in the Indianapolis area. Follow us on social media for distribution details.

Additionally, Deeply Ingrained provides these unique projects to our local educational and nonprofit partners. In most cases, these projects are given to organizations that focus on children and people with disabilities. The projects are used to teach and enhance skills, supplement other activities and provide a creative outlet.

Deeply Ingrained also provides hands-on workshops to local groups, centers, scouts, and educational facilities through our Woodshop on Wheels (W.O.W.) program. We bring the entire workshop including tools, materials, knowledge, and excitement to a hosted locations. After an introduction to the tools, materials and project, each participant is then able to work at their own pace under the guidance and support of our staff and volunteers. At the completion of the workshop, participants leave with a completed project, new skills, and confidence in themselves.

With your support, Deeply Ingrained, will continue to expand our outreach with underserved youth and young adults in our community. This growth will allow Deeply Ingrained to connect with additional organizations in the education and philanthropic sectors. As growth permits, we will provide a safe workspace with vocational training and employment opportunities to these same young adults.

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